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What we do

CCP is a non-profit organization that actively prevents and reduces crime through a 24-hour response team.

The CCP Control Room is a state-of-the-art facility available 24/7 to coordinate emergency responses in Hout Bay and surrounding areas. It deals with a wide variety of incidents, including crimes, traffic, medical emergencies, and natural disasters. CCP provides immediate assistance to all calls for help and coordinates with local law enforcement to ensure a swift response to any incident in the area.


CCP communicates through various channels, including its own community safety app BUZZER, phone, WhatsApp, radio, and social media. It also monitors License Plate Recognition Cameras to track suspicious vehicles and works with community patrols as well as Fire and Rescue. The CCP Control system logs every reported incident to provide valuable crime reporting and data and assists the City of Cape Town with various issues.

CCP operates non-stop, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Each month we are responding to hundreds of Buzzer alerts, answering over 1900 calls, monitor over 70 community WhatsApp groups and responding to over 200 incidents.

This means help can be appropriately coordinated, whatever the scale and location of the emergency.


As a non-profit organization, CCP relies on financial contributions to continue its operation.

CCP employs a full time Paramedic

CCP Responders, are on scene first 99% of the time and attend on average 50 medical calls and 15 motor vehicle accidents each month. 8 of these medical calls are classified as high priority calls, meaning life or death.

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CCP works closely with Fire and Rescue

With over 200 fires a year in Hout Bay, we have a strong working relationship with Fire and Rescue.

Many areas in Hout Bay are gated private estates, or behind Sanparks barriers so we are often able to help by opening gates before firefighters arrive.

CCP responds to a huge variety of incidents which include

All Crimes







Municipal problems

Suspicious behavior

Domestics incidents

Lost animals

Taxi violence





Fallen trees

Lost property


CCP patrols and shares live crime data

We conduct night patrols in mountainous areas, while collaborating closely with other security service providers like FADT, PPA, and camera monitoring companies such as Omnivison, Navic, and iTrack to track and capture criminals. We work tirelessly, even in harsh weather conditions, until the criminals give up and retreat for the night.

We share crime data with other security service providers to help reduce crime effectively. CCP has created a neutral platform where all security service providers can collaborate and work together as a team, despite competing at a corporate level.

CCP monitors license plate recognition cameras

We monitor licence plate recognition cameras to identify suspicious vehicles or those linked to a crime entering Hout Bay. Once detected we alert SAPS, SSPs, and responders. CCP tracks these vehicles and takes appropriate action.

With access to about 1400 camera streams in our control room, we are able to track criminals and produce footage that can be used by SAPS and insurance companies. This enables us to have eyes everywhere, ensuring the safety of our community.

Security Cameras

CCP is involved in various community-based initiatives

We collaborate with social workers to assist in the rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law and offer activity workshops for children.


We also run the Car Guard Project, which provides registered car guards to improve safety and prevent car break-ins and muggings in Hout Bay.


CCP offers escorts into high-risk areas for medical services and works with SAPS.


Additionally, we work with SANPARKS to help search for missing hikers and ensure the safety of those in need.

CCP offers expertise

CCP provides expertise in various security-related matters. We work with individual areas, security estates, and households to offer customized solutions to address localized crime patterns and vulnerabilities. We advise on security personnel, camera placement, physical barriers, monitoring, and response services.


We also assist with the Special Rates Area process and have helped set up several of them.

Additionally, we visit homes to conduct security assessments and provide advice on enhancing security measures.

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CCP works with the all community patrols

We work with community patrols and responders in all areas including

HBNW patrols

Beach patrols

First responders community members

IY Patrollers



CCP has developed its own community safety app

We work to ensure that everyone is connected to help and support when it is needed most. Our innovative technology, the Buzzer app, automatically geolocates and pinpoints a user’s location when they open the app.


Alerts generated will then go directly to the local control room/response team managing the area, ensuring a speedy response to any emergency situation. With Buzzer, help is just one click away.

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