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About us

Community Crime Prevention (CCP) is a Non-Profit Company established by a group of concerned residents already working in social crime prevention and response. We have a Vision of Hout Bay where all our residents feel safe enough to enjoy their lives without the constant threat of crime and violence.

CCP is a 24 hour community response team responding to all emergencies and calls for help across the Hout Bay Valley. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, responding to over 200 incidents a month.


Our visible patrols have reduced crime significantly in the area.

Security Camera

We ensure the safety and security of our community by monitoring more than 1400 cameras. Thanks to the assistance of CCP, residential robberies in Hout Bay have significantly decreased from 90 incidents in 2016 to only 6 in 2022.

Moreover, we have witnessed a decline in muggings and street robberies, with only 36 cases reported (2022), a sharp drop from almost 200 in 2016.

Our committed team responds promptly to over 50 medical calls each month, providing vital care and aid to those in need. Additionally, we also attend to approximately 15 motor vehicle accidents per month, offering crucial assistance and support.

Our Team

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Keri Cross

Boss Lady

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Boss Man

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Office Manager

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Glen Mintern

Medical Operations Manager 

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Ty - The invisible man

Ops Manager - Camps Bay


Jarryd Scholtz

Technical Manager

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Lorenzo aka Lolo

The Arrester

Portrait of a Young Man


Control Room Manager

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Ronald Sarelse

Control Room Operator

Black and White Kitten

Elizabeth Demas

Control Room Operator

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-30 at 11.50.13.jpeg

Bradley Arendse

Control Room Operator

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Michelle Maarman

Control Room Operator

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Jaylin Cloete

Control Room Operator

Puppy Play

Reuben Maarman

Control Room Operator

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Snake Catcher

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